“Xocai Healthy Chocolate Executive “Mark Robert Ellins” (St. Augustine, Florida) Loves MXI Corp’s MLM”

Greetings from Grove City OH Xobiotic Swiss Chocolate.

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I love a good feel good story, like that of  Xocai Gold Executive “Mark Robert Ellins”, from St. Augustine, Florida.
“Mark Robert Ellins” now realizes he will never find a better MLM Company than Xocai, (MXI Corp).

Healthy Xocai dark chocolate is a passion of mine and I love that MXI Corp can provide us with the opportunity to eat and grow.  As we enter the last month of 2011, we at MXI Corp want to sincerely THANK YOU for your continued support and generous contributions to Xocai, the Healthy Chocolate Family!  Your incredible efforts this year have permanently changed the face of Network Marketing forever.  We had a lot of fun this year and pushed our businesses to the next level.  We’ve eaten quite a bit of chocolate and, and yet at the same time, we’ve lost thousands of pounds by consuming Xocai’s top-shelf healthy products which are formulated with the highest quality ingredients available (http://www.mxicorp.com/xovita).

+Xocai’s Solid Chocolate Products:
Nugget:                                http://www.mxicorp.com/nuggets/
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Xobiotic:                              http://www.mxicorp.com/xobiotic/

MXI Corp has even made the world a better place not only for our MXI Corp distributors worldwide, but for countless of hard working and dedicated legal laborers around the world (Starting in the Ivory Coast, over to Belgium, across the waters to Canada and the United States).  We pray for all your continued support in marketing healthy chocolate internationally!  We also want to specifically thank all of our Qualified Suppliers who: (1) Uphold the highest of standards with their labor regulations and (2) Honor their established harvesting guidelines.  This is indeed a special time for our company (www.mxicorp.com/csr).

+Xocai’s Beverages and Weight Loss Products:
Activ:                                     http://www.mxicorp.com/activ/
Sipping Cocoa:                   http://www.mxicorp.com/sippingxocolate/
Xe:                                         http://www.mxicorp.com/xe/
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  5. Come sail-away with us to Alaska in 2012 (http://www.mxicorp.com/platinummentor) and don’t forget to…
  6. Spend some quality time giving back to the human race (http://www.mxicorp.com/xoservice/blog.html).

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